April 21, 2017




Kar Seva is derived from Sanskrit words kar, meaning hands or work, and seva, meaning service.[1][2] In Punjabi, the word seva also means “to worship, to adore, to pay homage through the act of love.”More on KARSEVA

I am the founder of Karseva life -Parmeet Kaur, a certified yoga teacher in 200 hrs Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa flow from Rishikesh- Rishikul yoga shala who has one of India’s most experienced and well-respected yoga teachers, plus more focused training in areas such as Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, and yoga therapeutics.  Whatever I have learned from my teachers – Here I am sharing my learning!. I believe to live, share and inspire with yoga as a selfless service practitioner (KAR SEVAK)–  by teaching, collaborating, and supporting communities, this is why I have chosen to run ON and OFF of donation-based classes and all my classes, portions are distributed to various NGO’s that support the community.



My teaching style of yoga is like art creativity, a balanced mixer of postures, and the intention of making yoga is accessible to all to explore that unique movement of practice. I have taken an ancient, modern, and science movement-based approach to yoga. With clear, precise instructions in alignment. I share a fun, logical approach to simple and intense postures that might initially seem complicated to anyone. My classes are inspired by many yoga styles and Guru’s (Master’s)- HATHA, ASHTANGA, IYENGAR Plus as an ancient Indian martial art KALARI student I do spice up adding a few martial art postures in yoga sequence to feel and find the body in “Sthira”( Be stable, to take a stand- In life or mat) and Sukha (Happy, Good, Ease or Comfortable-On mat or in life) movement.




At the age of 5, I used to watch my mother practicing Hatha yoga and copy it like any child, I followed my mother without knowing what was yoga. For me, it was a game that I played with my mom. That’s how it’s started-As a saying ignorance is a blessing!.  Before teaching yoga, my prior career in Luxury retail with a lot of travel and of course like everyone my work life was challenging. So, I do understand the needs of busy workers’ life and I can tailor my teaching to suit a student. Classes can be strong, energetic, and challenging with a little bit of fun and humor to it or more steady and balanced depending on the needs of the student.


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