April 21, 2017

Who We

 Yoga Practitioner( Parmeet & Glo Glo !!)

Parmeet Founder  of KARSEVA Yoga art with the intention of making yoga movement accessible, creating movement community and integrating the wide array of tools yoga has to offer to assist our students in creating positive change in all aspects of life. Literally, we share our learning and what we practice through yoga movement of art.

Our moto at KARSEVA  is ‘Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu’


    KARSEVA DNA is giving back to the community, opening our doors to anyone who is unable to afford yoga classes. We strive to cultivate a strong and supportive yoga pop-up movement community for all, and this is why we’ve chosen to run on and off of donations classes. All our classes portions of the proceeds are distributed to various organizations that support the community.
    • We trust in the process of honest giving and receiving – a true practice of karma.


LIVE MOVEMENT : We make it possible for everyone to do yoga regardless of economic limitations.
SHARE  PRACTICE: We share portion of the proceeds of our all Karseva yoga sessions to organizations. Currently we are supporting TARA KIDS, HISA PROJECTS and ANJALI HOUSE NGO’s.
INSPIRE COMMUNITY: We are Pop -Up Mobile Yogis-We just unroll our yoga mats and turn any spaces into instant studios.
We partner- Art museums. Artists. Community centers. NGO. Corporates. Schools. Showroom. A municipal facility -the roads are many and destination the same. Spreading the love and sharing the practice.


If you are interested in being our yogi partner and scheduling a community donation class for your organization.
Or Have a yoga project to add to the list,

Or Want to work with us otherwise?.

Just reach us below!!.



I’m Parmeet, I run Karseva.life. Karseva meaning selfless service, being an organic food-obsessed yogi and proud philanthropist. I decided to combine my passions: the art of yoga , movement of artistic craftsmanship and holistic food to bring people together. I want to create a space where yoga or any form of movement could be fun and social and make it more accessible and meaning full, where people come to practice and then stay chat and socialize by embracing this movement of art to Live, share and Inspire.
How I started yoga—-the age of 5, I used to watch my mother practicing Hatha yoga and copy it like any child, I followed my mother without knowing what was yoga. That’s how it’s started. I work with incredibly talented artists, artistic locations to bringing you the colorful movement of yoga practice. So please do introduce yourself, other details you might like to know about me: As saying ignorance is a blessing. -My prior career of 7 years in the sales and marketing for luxury major retail and travel retail industry till 2016. I traveled a lot – India,UK,Luxembourg and now in France (Cognac- With my husband and my partner #totopapagloglo(She is a cute dog). We are grateful!!


I am Glo glo who help parmeet kaur ,family and friends to be happy always… Gloria work is simple- YOGA, EAT, PLAY, SOCIALIZE and SLEEP. Sometimes I help by carrying umbrella, newspapers, my own toys and vegetable bags. I love people!!!!.